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At last, the 45 minute suite of soundscape compositions I have been working on for my last hand-in of uni is up to be listened to. These pieces are composed from the collection of field recordings I have captured so far for the Cornwall Sound Map Project. They represent a reflection of the Cornish soundscape as a journey through memory and my journey through it in my time at university. These pieces are also an immersive exploration of different spaces and are aimed to encourage a detailed listening experience. The main theme running through the body of work is how memories become skewed and distorted over time, much in the same way that cassette tapes degrade.

  1. ‘The Beginning of a Journey’ is composed solely from two recordings of Truro train station and a train journey.
  2. ‘Degradation of Memory’ is a journey through composed scenes around Cornwall and tells the story of how memories degrade through time like old cassette tapes.
  3. ‘Ecclesiophobia’ is composed solely from recordings of church bells from Fowey and the inside of Truro cathedral. It is an exploration of space, resonance and the fear of religious buildings.
  4. ‘Interlude’ starts in an antique shop in Fowey and is the first piece to include some instrumentation alongside field recordings.
  5. ‘St Ives’ is a journey from the beaches of St Ives to the reverberant interior of the Tate, juxtaposing the different spaces.
  6. ‘Reflections’ is a piece which is a reflection on my time in Cornwall, mixing some recordings of the Cornish people with the field recording of Pendennis Point and the strings from the Radford Sister’s piano the focal points.

I have also been producing CD artwork and packaging to promote the project, and hopefully use as a marketing tool to send out. If I can drum up enough interest, I may look into producing them professionally if enough people request.

Cornwall Memory Tapes

You may also notice that my site has a new logo! Thanks to John for helping me to get it off the page and onto the computer.

Tomorrow I officially finish university, so hopefully all of this work will help to launch me out of obscurity!