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Composer Matthew Herbert has recently had his new compositon previewed in Oxford, which I had a small part in helping make happen. The piece tells the story of 20 unique pianos from around the world and will be performed on an adapted midi table created specially by the Radiophonic workshop. The piece was comissioned by Third Ear as part of the PRS New Music Biennial.

I answered a call for a recordist to record and document a piano which belonged to the Radford sisters in a cottage in St Anthony. The piano is now owned by the Radford Trust, which was set up with money left by the sisters to help fund new musicians and musical education in Cornwall. Maisie and Evelyn Radford were prolific in their work in music in the county, notably setting up the Falmouth Opera singers and producing the first performance of Mozart’s Idomeneo in England.

I documented every key of the piano played at heard, medium and soft levels (recorded with AGK C414 stereo pair on cardiod setting for those interested) and photographed it, along with conducting an interview with Emma Campbell from the trust about the instrument's history.

Here's the program for the piece, featuring one of my photographs:

The piece will be toured around various locations around the UK later in the year, including at Falmouth University. It's a great project to have helped realise!


For more information on the piece and Matthew Herbert:


More information on The Radford Trust: http://www.radfordtrust.org/

More information on the New Music Biennial: http://www.newmusicbiennial.com/