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Recently I have been contributing to the sound mapping project Cities and Memory, which maps the real and imagined sounds of cities.

The Hamburg Sounds project took the sounds of a city over a 24 hour period which were reimagined by several sound artisits, including my sound art piece based off the recording of a flight safety demo on a Hamburg flight.

24 of the pieces have now been released as an album called Erinnerungen an eine Stadt (‘memories of a city’) on the German label Mobius Spin, and it includes my piece 'Breakdown in Communication' and the best part is that you can download it for free! It also features a PDF with info on all the artists.

So why not take a free sonic trip around this amazing city?


Cities and Memory Hamburg

Today sees the launch of an exciting new project from Stuart Fowkes of the creative sound mapping site Cities and Memory, a project in which field recordings are presented alongside 'reimagined' versions which may take the form of electronic music tracks or atmospheric pieces of sound art.

Cities and Memory is a project I have contributed to before, remixing a field recording of the Campanile di Giotto church bells in Florence.

This new project documents a day in Hamburg told through sound, where 32 different sound artists have taken Fowkes's recordings and put their own stamp on them.

The sounds will be released over a 24 hour period, starting today (3/11/14) at midday until midday tomorrow here.

Look out for the piece I contributed, taking the recording of the British Airways flight announcement and turning it (as always) into something rather dark and glitchy. It is an exploration of malfunctioning technology, and the nightmarish feeling it can bring out in a system which is so implicitly trusted by everyone day-to-day. If everything on your flight malfunctioned at once, shattering the illusion of control, how would you react?