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Recently I have been contributing to the sound mapping project Cities and Memory, which maps the real and imagined sounds of cities.

The Hamburg Sounds project took the sounds of a city over a 24 hour period which were reimagined by several sound artisits, including my sound art piece based off the recording of a flight safety demo on a Hamburg flight.

24 of the pieces have now been released as an album called Erinnerungen an eine Stadt (‘memories of a city’) on the German label Mobius Spin, and it includes my piece 'Breakdown in Communication' and the best part is that you can download it for free! It also features a PDF with info on all the artists.

So why not take a free sonic trip around this amazing city?



A while ago I submitted a shorter, 10 minute version of 'Degradation of Memory' to be conisdered for this new award arranged by the Oxford Faculty of Music and audio specialist Sennheiser, and I am pleased to announce that I have made the shortlist of the final ten composers.

The final is taking place this Saturday the 8th of November at the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, Oxford from 7:00PM!

The judging panel includes award winning electroacoustic composer Natasha Barrett and Trevor Wishart, so this is a very exciting oppurtunity to showcase my work!

Cities and Memory Hamburg

Today sees the launch of an exciting new project from Stuart Fowkes of the creative sound mapping site Cities and Memory, a project in which field recordings are presented alongside 'reimagined' versions which may take the form of electronic music tracks or atmospheric pieces of sound art.

Cities and Memory is a project I have contributed to before, remixing a field recording of the Campanile di Giotto church bells in Florence.

This new project documents a day in Hamburg told through sound, where 32 different sound artists have taken Fowkes's recordings and put their own stamp on them.

The sounds will be released over a 24 hour period, starting today (3/11/14) at midday until midday tomorrow here.

Look out for the piece I contributed, taking the recording of the British Airways flight announcement and turning it (as always) into something rather dark and glitchy. It is an exploration of malfunctioning technology, and the nightmarish feeling it can bring out in a system which is so implicitly trusted by everyone day-to-day. If everything on your flight malfunctioned at once, shattering the illusion of control, how would you react?

It's finally here! My new, shiny webiste dedicated to the Cornwall Sound Map project I started as a final year university project, which was previously housed here.

Cornwall Sound Map

I have included historic blog posts from the old website when I was conducting this as a university project.

The project is now open to submissions! To see how to submit, visit the Contribute page for guidelines.

It’s very exciting to get this up and running properly! I hope to hear from more field recording ethusiasts in the area. In the meantime, enjoy the sounds I’ve collected so far!

At last, the 45 minute suite of soundscape compositions I have been working on for my last hand-in of uni is up to be listened to. These pieces are composed from the collection of field recordings I have captured so far for the Cornwall Sound Map Project. They represent a reflection of the Cornish soundscape as a journey through memory and my journey through it in my time at university. These pieces are also an immersive exploration of different spaces and are aimed to encourage a detailed listening experience. The main theme running through the body of work is how memories become skewed and distorted over time, much in the same way that cassette tapes degrade.

  1. ‘The Beginning of a Journey’ is composed solely from two recordings of Truro train station and a train journey.
  2. ‘Degradation of Memory’ is a journey through composed scenes around Cornwall and tells the story of how memories degrade through time like old cassette tapes.
  3. ‘Ecclesiophobia’ is composed solely from recordings of church bells from Fowey and the inside of Truro cathedral. It is an exploration of space, resonance and the fear of religious buildings.
  4. ‘Interlude’ starts in an antique shop in Fowey and is the first piece to include some instrumentation alongside field recordings.
  5. ‘St Ives’ is a journey from the beaches of St Ives to the reverberant interior of the Tate, juxtaposing the different spaces.
  6. ‘Reflections’ is a piece which is a reflection on my time in Cornwall, mixing some recordings of the Cornish people with the field recording of Pendennis Point and the strings from the Radford Sister’s piano the focal points.

I have also been producing CD artwork and packaging to promote the project, and hopefully use as a marketing tool to send out. If I can drum up enough interest, I may look into producing them professionally if enough people request.

Cornwall Memory Tapes

You may also notice that my site has a new logo! Thanks to John for helping me to get it off the page and onto the computer.

Tomorrow I officially finish university, so hopefully all of this work will help to launch me out of obscurity!


Composer Matthew Herbert has recently had his new compositon previewed in Oxford, which I had a small part in helping make happen. The piece tells the story of 20 unique pianos from around the world and will be performed on an adapted midi table created specially by the Radiophonic workshop. The piece was comissioned by Third Ear as part of the PRS New Music Biennial.

I answered a call for a recordist to record and document a piano which belonged to the Radford sisters in a cottage in St Anthony. The piano is now owned by the Radford Trust, which was set up with money left by the sisters to help fund new musicians and musical education in Cornwall. Maisie and Evelyn Radford were prolific in their work in music in the county, notably setting up the Falmouth Opera singers and producing the first performance of Mozart’s Idomeneo in England.

I documented every key of the piano played at heard, medium and soft levels (recorded with AGK C414 stereo pair on cardiod setting for those interested) and photographed it, along with conducting an interview with Emma Campbell from the trust about the instrument's history.

Here's the program for the piece, featuring one of my photographs:

The piece will be toured around various locations around the UK later in the year, including at Falmouth University. It's a great project to have helped realise!


For more information on the piece and Matthew Herbert:

More information on The Radford Trust:

More information on the New Music Biennial:

As this is my first official blog post here, I thought I'd start with a welcome!

While getting this site up and running, I've been busy working on a set of compositions based on the field recordings I collected through the end of the last year for the Cornwall Sound Map Project. The themes running through these compositions are to do with memories and journeys, and I feel they are quite personal to me in discovering my identity as an artist during my time at Falmouth University.

First off, I wanted to post a little clip of what I've been working on, they're not quite polished off yet, but they will be by the end of next week. The first section is a clip from a piece exploring the resonances of church bells and the intimidating feeling I get from church interiors. The second clip is from a piece which focuses on a journey through St Ives based on the recordings I gathered there on one day.


The second part to this update is to show the development of some DIY packaging I've been working on for the project. I have a strong DIY ethic when comes to how I approach my recording and composition work, and I wanted to carry this over into all aspects of my work, hence the decision to handmake my own CD packaging. As the pieces are based on the material from the Cornwall Sound Map Project, I wanted the packaging to fold out a little bit like a map. The pictures below show a rough prototype of how I hope to achieve this. I've created a lino print of the outline of a map of Cornwall, which spans the front and two of the inner flaps. It's a work in progress, but hopefully I'll get back into the swing of creating decent prints with enough ink on them!


Cutting the print
Cutting the print
First print, not enough ink!
First print, not enough ink!
Prototype packaging with print (shouldn't have been folded before printing)
Prototype packaging with print (shouldn't have been folded before printing)

Prototype Front

How it opens with CD inside
How it opens with CD inside