I am a sound artist who works extensively with field recordings. My work explores the themes of memory, journeying, and space. I am particularly concerned with preservation, archiving and soundscape ecology. I graduated from Falmlouth University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Music Technology.

Creative Work & Experience:

2014 - Performed 'Degradation of Memory' (stereo) as a finalist at the Oxford/Sennheiser Electronic Music Prize, Oxford University.

2014 – Cornwall Memory Tapes: 45 minute suite of soundscape compositions based on the experience of starting the Cornwall Sound Map.

2014 – Audio & Photographic Documentation of the Radford Sisters Piano for Matthew Herbert’s 20 Pianos Project.

2013 - Present – Cornwall Sound Map Project: Primary field recordist and curator for the project.

2013 – Memory Lane: An 8 channel composition composed from field recordings and spoken word, exploring the links and triggers between sounds and memory.

2013 – Introspection Deconstructed: Experimental piece exploring the aesthetics of broken cassettes and CD’s. Presented at the Resound Sound Art Festival 2013.

Whilst I primarily work with sound, I also enjoy making mixed media art pieces and have an interest in experimental chmeigrams and black and white photography, as well as painting.